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Heal ourselves, Heal the world

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Welcome to Breath of Alchemy, you beautiful beings!


My name is Lena.  

I am a RN with a background in ER and Hospice, and am currently a mobile IV therapy nurse, passionate about helping people biohack their way to optimal health.


I am so honored that you have been called here, to this place, right now.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be.


Breath of Alchemy was birthed through Poppy and I, with deep reverence for the magical process of transformation that takes place within a shamanic breathwork container. I was called to facilitate after my first profound experience with breath, but it took several years of deep soul work, and many deaths and rebirths, before I was truly prepared to hold such a powerful space. 

Prior to 2018, I spent most of my life numb, disconnected, and insecure. I was an angry and rebellious teenager, started using substances at the age of 12, I dropped out of high school, got pregnant at 19, and was in a very toxic and codependent relationship with someone who struggled with addiction. I had body shame, no sense of self-worth or self-love, developed anxiety, and I did an incredibly good job at hiding all of it behind a mask of

"I'm totally normal and everything is great!".  

I was called to plant medicines in 2018 which radically changed my life, expanded my awareness, and catapulted me into my healing journey. This profound experience helped me to remember that we are all deeply connected, we are all worthy of unconditional love, and we are all far more powerful than we ever thought possible.


It is now one of my greatest passions to create a safe space where you can have a deeply transformative experience that greatly shifts your perception, allowing the parts of you to die that no longer serve your highest good, and hold you in love while you are reborn into more of who you came here to be.

Your healing is my healing.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.



Welcome to the Essence of Liberation


Hello you beautiful, magnetic being, my name is Poppy. I call myself a Freedom Facilitator. I am deeply passionate about supporting as many souls on their paths to fierce love, embodiment and liberation. Empowering YOU to become your own healer, connect back to your true primal power and divinity within.

Throughout my journey I have healed myself from eating disorders, body shame, depression, anxiety, sex, drugs & alcohol addiction, childhood wounds, and limiting beliefs. I’ve liberated myself from an extremely toxic, codependent and abusive marriage. I have also repaired my gut and healed my body from chronic fatigue and illness.

I have extensive training in a variety of shamanic practices, energy healing techniques, primal dance and holistic wellness. I am also a certified Shamangelic breathwork TM coach and am extremely passionate about sharing shamanic breathwork with the world, as this type of breathwork has drastically impacted my life by allowing me to clear out blockages, dense energy and trauma that was stuck deep within my nervous system.

By implementing ancient shamanic practices combined with modern biohacking modalities we can attune to our highest frequency, uplevel our mind body and spirits, and ultimately create epic, juicy, passionately inspiredAF magical lives.