“With each breath, I could feel the shackles of judgment I put on myself being released. So many shifts, moments of tears, laughter, and an amazing connection to my higher self.”

- Al Zabala

Liberation Through Breath




Shamanic Breathwork is one of the most powerful ways to release dense energy and trauma from our nervous systems, allowing us to liberate ourselves from lifetimes of painful experiences, and clear the space to unlock our infinite potential

It is a safe space where we can....

Breathe life into places we have buried and avoided and let go of subconscious beliefs that have kept us in an endless loop of habits and responses that no longer serve us.

Allow anger, unworthiness, shame, fear, guilt, sadness, and grief to move through and then out

Access altered states of consciousness, reconnect to our divinity, embody more peace, gratitude, joy, laughter, confidence, love and so much more...

This is where healing and expansion is catalyzed

This is where we take our power back 

This is where we come home.


Breath of Alchemy Guides




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Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony

May 7th, 2022


Shamanic Breathwork



Feedback From Our Participants


Alfred Guzman

Both Holly and Poppy have a tender touch that allowed me to feel completely comfortable to be vulnerable. I see the amazing work you are doing for men who have those wounds only the feminine can open.

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Breathwork Ceremony Location:
Center for Divine Awakening
15801 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85032

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